Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

One good thing about being on bed rest this summer was being able to plan out Cicialy and Ruby's Halloween costumes well in advance of the holiday.  William and Weston, on the other hand, were unwilling to pin point what they wanted to be until just shortly before the day.  Luckily, they both chose costumes we already had at home.  I died over Cicialy's costume (Little Red Riding Hood) when I came across it and knew it would be the perfect hand me down for little Ruby!  Ruby was only six weeks old so a full blown costume was not going to be her cup of tea.  What could more perfect than a cute knit strawberry hat!  So, here's the rundown of the Packer family 2012 Halloween costumes:

 William was a Kung Fu Master

Cicialy was Little Red Riding Hood

Weston was Harry Potter

Ruby was a strawberry

I was attempting to be a fun mom and so made ghost pancakes for breakfast.  The kids loved them (but they are easy to please)!

Cicialy and William insisted on wearing Halloween colors to school! 

We had the best Halloween!

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