Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I couldn't think of a more perfect way to start off this month of remembering our blessings and giving thanks than to bless our little Ruby.  It was a wonderful day and a beautiful blessing.  She was blessed to have a clear mind and understanding, to have a desire to live the gospel and be obedient to its teachings, to hear the whispering of the Holy Spirit, to be a peacemaker, to be an example, to have the desire to find a worthy companion and be sealed in the temple, and to have love and joy in her heart. 

Look at these cuties - am I blessed or what?!

By this point Ruby had had enough!

I wanted to show a close up of the blessing dress.  It was cute and simple with just a little embellishment.  Sorry it is so wrinkly in the picture; it had worked hard that day and suffered through lots of spit up from my little acid reflux angel.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be Ruby's mother!

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