Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude: Our Month of Thanksgiving

We really wanted the children to focus on gratitude in the month of November as a lead in to the Holiday Season.  To help accomplish this we held weekly family home evenings in which various aspects of thankfulness were discussed (what is gratitude, what are we grateful for, what are ways to show our gratitude).  At the beginning of the month Dan sketched the outline of a tree on butcher paper.  We spent every dinner throughout the month writing one thing each day we were thankful for (without repeats) onto a paper leaf and then attaching it to our Thankful Tree.  This really brought a nice spirit into our home.  By Thanksgiving our tree was packed with leaves!

The kids had a lot of fun participating in thier various school Thanksgiving Celebrations.  Weston's preschool held a potluck Thanksgiving feast and Cicialy's first grade class put on a Thanksgiving play.  She had two parts: a cold and hungry pilgram and a narrator.  She was amazing!  She really conveyed her emotions to the audience by shivering and quivering her voice.  We may have a drama queen on our hands!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Our friends the Richins and the missionaries came over for a mid afternoon dinner followed by games.  We had so much fun playing minute to win style games.  It was hilarious watching everyone trying to accomplish the tasks. It may just have to become a tradition!

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