Monday, August 1, 2011

Freeman Family Reunion

This summer has flown by! Only three more weeks until its over : ( We have had an amazing time (the highlight being our 3 week adventure to San Antonio, TX and Utah), and I am sad to see it coming to an end. If you ask my kids whether they liked our family vacation to Disney World back in September or this summer where they have been able to see all of thier 25 cousins they will without question answer COUSINS!!!

The last week of June all of my siblings (Tiffany, Beth, me, Ken, Matt, and Mark), along with our families, and my parents got together near San Antonio, TX for a few days full of fun. My parents have moved to Scotland for a few years and wanted the family to get together one last time before they left. We spent a day at Schlitterbahn (an amazing waterpark), went tubing down the Guadalupe River, ate dinner one night at Salt Lick (the most amazing BBQ in the middle of nowhere TX), played hard at Six Flags, and spent all our free time playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii and just hanging out. Below are some pictures from the Freeman Family Reunion:

Weston and his cousin Kruize at Grandma's house in Houston before we left

Maddie, Devri, and Cicialy ready for Schlitterbahn

Dallin, Aden, and William in the boys car
Our stop at Buc-cee's

Sadly I have no pictures from Schlitterbahn or Six Flags but here is Daegon, Aubri, Cicialy, and William playing Just Dance 2

All of us that went tubing down the Guadalupe River minus Dan and Jeff who were taking the pictures. All the kids under 6 went with my mom, grandpa, Beth, and Matt and Miya to the San Antonio Zoo.

Daegon and Cicialy getting Hana to laugh, which is no small task. She never gives me the time of day but boy did she love her cousin Daegon!

The guys (Daegon, William, Aden, and Papagator) eating amazing BBQ!

Maddie, Aubri, Devri, and Cicialy enjoying thier dinner as well!

We hope its not too long until we get to see all my family again!

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