Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bluebird Solo

Cicialy's year end ballet recital was held this past Saturday, and she was amazing!!! Not only did she do great in her group dance (they were Spanish Roses), but she performed a solo as well.

Cicialy performed the bluebird solo from the ballet Sleeping Beauty. She was the only girl in her age group to do a solo and has been working so hard on it since January. She did amazing, and I was so proud of her! Cici is often very shy but you would not have known that watching her dance.

After taking a few pictures her face clearly conveys "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

After the performance Cicialy received roses from Grandma Freeman and her brothers like every ballerina should. Can't you tell that was her favorite part of the event! Cicialy's bluebird costume was so cute! My friend Christa made the feathered headpiece, and I spent two and a half hours Friday night cutting out and handstitching on the fabric feathers along with sequins and beads. It was worth it!

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Bobby said...

Congragulations Cicialy, you look so very cute and I remember how well you did last year in your dance concert. I wish that we could have been there this year. We love you.