Friday, May 13, 2011

April Recap

April was a great month! We kicked off General Conference weekend with a family campout in the back yard, which included grilling hot dogs, making yummy smores in the microwave(which are far better than fire burnt ones any day in my opinion : ), playing games and watching the portable dvd player all night long. We were able to survive watching all four sessions of Conference with the kids thanks to a little help from the candy game and activity packets courtesy of sugardoodle.

Cicialy had preschool graduation pictures and looked soooooooo cute!

Easter Sunday was wonderful and relaxed. The kids enjoyed thier baskets filled with books, movies, coloring stuff, flip flops, goggles, swim suits and of course candy! They loved the backyard egg hunt after church. Next year I think we might do the baskets and egg hunt on Saturday so Sunday is filled with the more reverant aspects of the holiday.

After a week of rookie camp, Cicialy made our neighborhood summer league swim team. (She's the one in the blue swimsuit). Cicialy and William now have swim practice every weekday afternoon until school gets out and then every morning until the end of June. They are loving it! Ask them to show your thier flyer flexes.

William did great at his 1st grade play/concert, "Frog and Toad". His class had to all wear yellow shirts and were the featured class for the song, "Cookies". The kids and I can't get all the songs out of our heads : )

The last weekend of the month we attended the school district's fine arts festival at the local Community College. We had been informed that one of William's art pieces had been chosen for display, so we had to go see it. He won a first place ribbon! The festival was amazing. There were hands on art stations all over the place. The kids got to make funny hats, magnets, bags, jewelery, sidewalk chalk art and much more. There was even a dance class every half hour that Cicialy got to participate in.

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