Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Packer Family Reunion

We had to leave my family reunion a day early : ( in order to make it up to Utah in time for Dan's family reunion at Heber Valley Camp. The weather was so beautiful and such a nice break from the Texas heat (we even had to wear sweatshirts at night and in the mornings : ). We always look forward to this reunion that takes place near the 4th of July every other year. Since Dan's brother Andrew was getting married a week later we made sure we arrived in time for all the family fun. We participated in a COPE course, ate all the soft serve ice cream we could (thanks Uncle Spencer!), told campfire stories, played games with all the cousins and uncles, had a family fireside with Dan's grandparents, and went canoeing on the lake. It was so much fun!

Weston riding the mechanical horse Uncle Spencer brought. All of the kids rode this more times than I could count!

Bleu, Kenzli, and Cicialy in age order (only 5 months separates them)

Kaul, Tanner, and William

Weston and "his Sophie"

Cicialy with her great grandma!

4 generations - our kids, Dan, Bompa, and great grandpa

Weston loving his soon to be new Aunt Tawni and Uncle Andrew

Uncle Jake, William, Bleu, and Tanner

Kenzli and Cicialy in a canoe with me!

Dan's cousin, Weston, and Dan

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