Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Great To Be Eight!

William has been so excited to turn eight. In fact, he has been planning his birthday party with friends for years. First we were going to have a Star Wars Party, but that was quickly eclipsed by the outdoor Sports Party. Well, his birthday approached, the weather began being unpredictable, and I have been feeling tired as of late, so the party turned into a minimal planning but super fun Pizza, Movie, and Ice Cream Sundaes Party! It was quite an experience taking William and his 4 best buds to the opening night of The Lorax. Despite the craziness I think it was a success!

Two days later we celebrated his actual birthday as a family!

This past saturday (March 17, 2012) William was baptized by his father. It was a very special day, one I (and hopefully William : ) will never forget. Two of his friends gave the prayers, Grandma Freeman gave the talk on baptism, Grandma Packer gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, Papagator and Bompa were the witnesses, and he was confirmed by Dan with his uncle Matt, great grandfather Freeman, both his grandfathers, the bishop, Bryce Wadell, Cameron Richins, and Brandon Neal standing in the circle. The sweetest part of the baptism was the special musical number by William and Cicialy. They sang "Love is Spoken Here" and it was precious. I am so proud of William and the decision he made to be baptized. Our friend Christa who is an amazing photographer brought her camara and took some pictures for us!

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Adri said...

So proud of you, William! Wish we could've been there! Love you guys.