Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hogwarts Invasion

I have spent the last year reading the Harry Potter series to the kids from start to finish, so for Halloween all the kids wanted to be characters from Harry Potter. William was Harry (which was great since that was his costume last year), Cicialy was Hermoine, and Weston (in his own words) was Draco "Moufboy". They looked great, especially thanks to the homemade wands whittled and carved by Dan. I was a little sad that Cicialy wasn't something a little more spectacular (I pushed for Sacajawea with William and Weston being the explorers Lois and Clark) but realized I needed to set my own feelings aside and let her make the choice. The kids had a great holiday!!

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Cari Packer said...

Cathie I love the costumes. That is the best part about being a parent is in the end they get the final say. I always wanted my kids to be a theme Halloween but it never has happened and never will I am sure. Keep up the blog we love seeing it from Utah.