Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Only A Month Late

We went to Utah for Christmas!!! Sorry its taken me until know to write about it, but upon arriving home Dan and I were thrust full force into the final preparations for a 4 stake priest/laurel conference. Now its over, and I've got a little bit of free time (for the moment at least : ). We had lots of fun; so much fun in fact that we forgot to take many pictures. Minus out the two day drive there and the two day drive back (which is always torture), we had a blast building snowmen, sledding, ice skating, sleeping over with cousins, and just spending quality time with Dan's family. Below are the few pictures I did manage to snap:

Cici, William, and Weston in their Christmas pjs right before reading the Christmas story and then going up to see what Santa brought

Weston with his scooter from Santa

William opening his Nintendo DSi (I caved because I wanted to see this face on Christmas morning. He has now earned it being taken away with the slight possibility of it being regiven to him as a gift next Christmas, if his behavior improves).

Cicialy loved the snow. It was so cold that I didn't want to leave the house, but she couldn't get enough of it!

Cicialy and cousin Kenzli being pulled on a sled by Aunt Cari. (While we were there Cicialy found out that Kenzli had gotten her ears pierced and that Aunt Cari had done it. Needless to say, Cici now has her own ears pierced too by Aunt Cari).

Weston and cousin Sophie

Dan's brother Andrew got engaged the morning we arrived, so we are excited to be heading back to Utah this July. We will try to actually visit with all of our friends then.

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