Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witches and Wizards and Superman, oh my!!!

Happy Halloween!!! The kids are sad that today is a Sunday, which equals no trick or treating, but they enjoyed dressing up to go to grandma's trunk or treat Friday night. William didn't even have to think twice about what he wanted to be this year. We've been reading the Harry Potter books since the summer (we are currently on book 5), and he just had to be Harry! Dan whittled his wand from a stick in the backyard, and William helped him stain it just the right color. He insists that he wants to be Harry next year as well (and if he doesn't Cicialy has expressed an interest in being Hermoine so the costume will get some good use : ). It took some convincing, but Cicialy finally agreed to be the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. She loved having her face painted green and getting her very own pair of ruby slippers. She even perfected the line "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!" Weston was a whole other story. He said no to every idea we had, refused to keep any costume on, so last minute inspiration struck as I noticed that he was wearing his superman t-shirt on Friday - Clark Kent (I knew he would keep his church clothes on : ). Well, I am off to whip up some witches brew, bats and cobwebs, and monte cristo ghost sandwiches for our Halloween dinner. Hope you all had a great holiday!!!

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Kris and Q said...

Its been a long time but your kids are so big and cute. You guys look great and happy in Texas! What a cute family.