Monday, August 23, 2010

First Grade and What We Did This Summer

Today William started First Grade!!! He woke up super excited and so did I. I hope his day went well. We didn't take any vacations this summer (besides the pioneer trek and girls camp), but we did keep ourselves busy at the pool. Cicialy even started swimming early on in the summer so that she could do this ...
and this ...

and of course William spent all summer doing tricks off the high dive.

Here is all of them at one of the pools in our subdivision. Weston loves the water as much as his brother and sister and thinks he can swim even though he can't (maybe next year : ).
Besides swimming we did a lot of crafts. For some reason the kids got really into creating things this summer. Below are two of our favorites.

We had a lot fun this summer, but our little family needs a vacation. In just a few short weeks we'll be heading off to Disney World!!! I don't know if the kids (or I) can wait : )

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Kim said...

Thanks for posting updates! I was wondering what was happening with you guys :).

I can't believe Will jumps off of the high dive like that - awesome. We are SO making those egg carton sunglasses tomorrow!