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I put this blog on the back burner, and honestly it might just stay there. But, a few weeks ago I gave a lesson in Young Women's on journals and how important it is to keep one, and it made me remember this little online journal I have here. So, here is my attempt to complete the challenge I gave my girls to either start a journal or write in one they already have. Many, many things have happened this year that I want to remember, so here is 2010 so far in a nutshell.

Cicialy and I went on a mother / daughter date to the Nutcracker put on by the Houston Ballet(this actually happened at the end of 2009 but Cici looked so cute in her Christmas dress that I wanted to post the picture). Cicialy loves ballet and was so excited during the entire show!!!
I spent my middle school and junior high school years living in Mandeville, Louisiana. Every time February rolls around I reminisce about Mardi Gras with all of its traditions of parades, food, and fun. Last year I told the kids about how yummy King Cake was but never got around to making it. This year I made it and am sure it will now be a fun family tradition!

Another family tradition we now have is to take the family to the Houston Rodeo in March!!! Dan took a half day off of work and we pulled William out of school to head downtown and have some good western fun. The Livestock Show was amazing as usual (this year we saw a piglet being born, chicks cracking out of their eggs, and of course a Texas Longhorn or two), the kids couldn't get enough of the carnival (though Mom and Dad could : ), and the food was to die for. To top the day off we got to see a pro rodeo and then Dirks Bentley perform live.

William turned 6!!! If you can't tell this was our attempt to make the requested soccer ball cake.

My brother Matt is in medical school at Texas A&M and we were lucky enough to get to visit for the baby blessing of his first daughter. The kids love baby Hanna and can't stop talking about how cute they think she is. My grandfather, Papa, was also there and they loved visiting with their great grandpa.

Our neighborhood did another great Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza complete with crafts, bouncy houses, petting zoo, pony rides, and ferris wheel. Will was sad that he had to leave early to make his soccer game.

Weston turned two in May. He is no longer a baby even though I try so hard to still imagine him as one. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is trains. That is pretty much all he plays with and all he talks about. Good thing we've collected enough Geo Trax sets by now to have our whole play room turned into train wonderland.

William finished Kindergarten in May and had a great year. He is excited about learning even more in First Grade.

Grandma and Grandpa Packer came for a visit. We had fun exploring Houston with them!!!

Cicialy danced to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in her year end ballet recital. She was soooooooo cute. Have a mentioned how much she loves ballet?! In the weeks leading up to her recital she was constantly reminding us that dancers get flowers after thier performances. She loved all the flowers her grandparents gave her (Cici was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents in attendance).

William participated on our neighborhood swim team early on this summer. I was amazed at how well he improved week from week and now he is a super strong swimmer. His favorite event was the freestyle relay. I wish we had a diving team on this side of Houston because that is where his real interest lies. I can't pull that kid away from the high dive when we go swimming.

In June Dan and I were lucky enough to be able to participate in the Stake Pioneer Trek as the programs and activities directors. It was a lot of work (especially the month and a half prior to the trek since we were on the Stake Trek Committee) and pretty stinkin' hot, but so much fun!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Finally, I just got back from a week at Girls Camp in Dequincy, Louisiana! Early on this year I got my dream calling of being the ward camp director!!! I loved getting to know the girls in my ward and doing one mutual night activity with them each month to prepare for camp. Our YW Presidency really wanted to make sure I was included in the program so I was even invited to attend YW with them each Sunday (and teach a few times). As girls camp approached I started getting so sad because I knew that once camp was over I would not be needed any longer : ( Much to my surprise I was called into the YW presidency just two weeks before camp!!! I am humbled and excited about this opportunity. At camp I was a counselor over a group of 2nd years. We had so much fun, but I am dead tired. I got up at 5:30 each morning to swim the mile and 1/2 mile swim with the girls and then went non stop until the wee hours of the morning.

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