Sunday, November 1, 2009

We had a great Halloween!

We hope all of you had a Happy Halloween. We sure did!
If you can't tell Cici is a peacock. I fell in love with the costume at pottery barn kids but thought I could make it a little cuter and a lot cheaper. Cici was sold on the idea after being told that her great grandpa and grandma Packer used to own peacocks. The headpiece was a nightmare to create but luckily I am married to an engineer. I thought she was so cute!

William was an astronaut again! We did make a new hat though.

Weston was our little cowboy/sheriff. His hat lasted on his head for about 5 seconds. Oh well, we tried!

Here are the kids at the end of our church's trunk or treat the night before Halloween. They had a lot of fun and got too much candy (and they still had trick or treating the next night to look forward too : ) Will and Cici enjoyed passing out candy when they were done making the car circuit almost has much as getting treats themselves.

Before trick or treating we enjoyed a dinner of spiders, eyeballs, jack o lantern grilled cheese sandwiches, ghostly gruel, and witches brew. The kids really enjoyed this part of Halloween.

Halloween was tons of work, tons of fun, and now we need to start thinking about what we will be next year (especially if I am going to be sewing any of the costumes again : )


Leesee Girlyfield said...

Your kiddos looked so adorable! Very impressive sewing skills you have!!! I never knew that about you. And your treats turned out great! So creative! I bet your kids absolutely loved them!

Holly said...

I LOVE the peacock - what a cute idea! Looks like you guys had a great Halloween - kids love it so much it makes the work worth it :).

Holly said...

Haha - sorry Cathie, this is Kim, not Holly...somehow I am signed in as her? Chalk it up to being business partners, we could totally steal eachother's identities if we wanted to :).