Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Can Now Stop and Breathe!

Cici turned 4 this past Sunday, and her birthday turned into a weekend extravaganza. On Friday morning she had a princess birthday party with her friends. Since I waited until the last minute to prepare, I was up all Thursday night buying the food (heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit and dip platter, princess punch) and party favors (rings, necklaces, bracelets, lipgloss), preparing the decorations (big flower pom poms), baking the cake (two-tiered circular pink cake with tiara on top), cutting out and sewing together the felt princess head wreaths each girl would get to decorate, making the princess ribbon dance wands, and setting up the games (pin the kiss on the frog, princess and the pea game, pass the poison apple, and search for cinderella's slipper). But it was worth it. Cici loved her party, and I think all of the girls had a lot of fun!

On Saturday we went as a family to McDonald's after Will's soccer game. Cici had been begging for the past week to go since the girl Happy Meal toys were Barbie themed. She was very excited that she got the exact toy she wanted (a mirror compact with comb)! I spent the rest of the day shopping for her presents before and after the General Relief Society Broadcast. I am grateful Macy's is open until 10 on the weekends! I got it in my head that I wanted her to be able to open a present of a new dress in the morning to wear to church since her birthday was on a Sunday. I went to the mall in the afternoon and couldn't find anything I liked except for an okay dress at Macy's. I decided not to buy it and look at Target after the broadcast. Well Target had nothing and by that time it was 9:45. I hurried back to the mall just in time to buy the dress before the stored closed.

Sunday night Cici and Will got to make edible princess wands (an activity that we didn't have enough time for at her party), we had Cici's birthday dinner (french dip sandwiches, Doritos, and rootbeer) and opened presents. It was a great weekend but she is definantly not getting such a fuss made over her next year : )

A couple of weekends ago my parents threw a little party for Cici at their house since they knew they would be in Europe for her big day. I think 3 parties is enough for 1 little girl!

(Can you tell how excited she is - she got exactly what she wanted!)


Kim said...

How fun! I love the paper flowers. And that dress is not okay, it is DARLING!

Adri said...

Oh! Her party looks so cute! I just did those tissue paper balls for kruize's party in dec! I have to say yours looked cuter. I had to hang all of mine from the chandelier because we don't have a ladder. Very cute! We miss you guys!