Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What We've Been Up To

I can't believe how fast this year has been flying by. I swear it was just yesterday that Weston and I were flying to California to attend my mama's (maternal grandmother) funeral, but that was way back at the beginning of January. While I'm mentioning it, I just want to say that I miss the cutest little grandmother that ever graced this earth with her prescence a lot. I'll always remember her with a smile on her face cooking up something delicious in the kitchen. My favorites: oatmeal muffins and strawberries with milk for breakfast! I am grateful for all the opportunities I had to spend time with my grandparents (especially the summer before my junior year of high school where just I got to visit them for 3 whole weeks!) and the precious memories I have from those times. I also want to thank my papa for the wonderful care he gave my grandmother for the last two years when she was unable to care for herself. It was a selfless sacrifice that is very much appreciated by those who love her. Thanks mom and dad for making sure I could attend her service.

So, the following is our year so far in pictures:

Me and Weston, my cousin Lisa and Taylor, my sister Tiffany and Koen the night before the funeral

My grandfather with all of the grandchildren that could make it to California - my sister Beth, cousin Lisa, Papa, cousin Michael, me, and sister Tiffany-(2 grandsons were attending college and 2 other grandsons were on missions so they were unable to attend)

Weston loving his second plane trip in less than one year!

I had so much fun on my little trip to California. The weather was cold but beautiful the day of the funeral and we all felt like it was more of a day to celebrate Mama's life than to be too sad (though we all shed our fair share of tears). That afternoon we even went to the old concrete slide we visited as kids and had a blast almost killing ourselves on that thing (I wish I had pictures - LISA YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME SOME! - because I can't even begin to describe it).

A spot finally opened up at one of the area preschools right after I returned from California, so the second week of January William started attending! He loves it! He goes on Tues. and Thurs. from 9:30 to 2:30, so it has been a nice practice run for kindergarten and a nice break for me and him. Most preschools here in Texas are run by local churches and one of Will's favorite things is Chapel time. They sing gospel kid rock type songs with motions and everything. It is really cute to watch. When you see him this summer ask him to show you the superman prayer.

Papa came to Houston to visit with my parents and my family for a week. We had fun eating out a lot, and the kids loved going to the beach in Galvaston with their grandmother and great grandfather.
In March we experienced the Houston Rodeo, and I am officially inviting any of our family or friends who would ever like to attend a place to stay at our house. It was amazing! I already posted about taking William to see Rascal Flatts, and a week later I went with some friends to see Brad Paisley. The last day we took the kids back to the Livestock Show and Carnival. They had a blast! (Cici wore her Fancy Nancy tutu around pretty much the whole day - too cute!)

We had a fun Saint Patrick's day with green shamrock pancakes and everyone wearing green!
Two weekends before Easter our neighborhood Homeowner's Association hosted an Easter Eggstravaganza complete with Easter Egg Hunt, Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Puppet Show, and Camel Rides. We really found a great neighborhood to live in!

We had another Easter Egg Hunt with a group of people from our ward and Will had one at his preschool (3 is more than enough!) On Easter the kids loved their Easter Baskets and having dinner at Grandma Freeman's and Papagator's House (I think sometimes they wish we still lived there - I'm talking about the kids!) We are just now finishing off all the candy : )

At the end of April I was able to chaporone Will's preschool fieldtrip to the Zoo. Houston has a great zoo and we had a really fun day!

We finally found the zebras after an hour and a half of looking and being rained on a few times!

Finally (I know this post has been forever long - sorry), the first weekend in May our neighborhood pool opened! We have two pools in our neighborhood and we can't wait until Memorial Day Weekend when the pool with the bigger slides opens up. Until then we are enjoying the athletic pool with its high and low diving boards and the adjacent kiddy pool complete with frog slide, aligator, and mushroom among other things. Anyone jealous? : )

Dan's been working like crazy (12 - 14 hour days all week and at least 2 Saturdays a month), I'm teaching in Relief Society, Dan teaches in primary, and we are having a great time. Now, if only I could find some cute clothes out there and good home decor stores my life would be complete! We are having fun!


Alice said...

Cathie, I am so jealous! Swimming in May. I'll take it! Boyd is going back to school (again) and has been looking at a few schools in the Houston area. Glad to see you guys are doing well!

Lisa said...

I'll send you the slide pictures tomorrow. Shame on me for not sending them earlier! If you don't get them in the next day or so, remind me. And yes, I'm VERY jealous of your neighborhood pool!

Kim said...

Cathie, it looks like you guys are doing great and loving Texas! I can't believe how BIG your kids are!! So cute.

Ashley Clark said...

Humungous post, but looks like you guys are great! Your kids sure are cuties. I can't believe how big they are. They are like real kids now! Glad you guys are staying busy for the summer! Best wishes!