Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weston is 1!

Well its official, my little Weston is no longer a baby ... he walks, sleeps through the night, drinks from a sippy cup instead of a bottle, hasn't used a binky in months, eats table food, says mommommom and daddaddad and a few other indistinguishable words, gets into everything, and on May 5th he turned one years old. Since Weston's birthday is cinco de mayo we had a little fiesta with just us and my parents complete with pulled pork soft tacos and virgin margaritas. His favorite gifts were his new remote control car and leap frog alphabet pal caterpillar. The highlight of the party was watching him completely demolish his cake. I love this little boy with his huge blue eyes, infectious smile, and open mouthed slobber kisses!

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Lisa said...

How on earth do they grow so fast?! He's such a cute little man, and what a great idea for a party!