Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Help! With Dan being gone for the third summer in a row, I am running out of things to keep myself and the kids entertained. Any ideas or suggestions? Keep in mind that parks are out of the question because of the heat and my house has to remain pretty much spotless in case any prospectus buyers come to take a look. Here is what we have been up to during these hot, hot, hot summer days in East Texas:

Visiting the local splash park once a week:

Swimming when we get a chance (there are only private pools here)

Going to the Discovery Science Place

Eating lots and lots of popsicles

Playing with water guns (we need to get bigger ones!)

Playing Will's V-Smile or
Watching movies
Cleaning the house constantly
Trying to make Weston Smile

With Dan not home in the evenings the days seem to drag, cooking food is not as much fun, and I have less structure during the day. If you have any craft ideas, yummy and easy summer kid friendly recipes, or other activity ideas send them my way. How are all of you spending your summer days? And please PRAY that our house sells soon, keeping it clean is driving me insane!


ABC Family said...

Cathie, I grew up in Michigan so I understand all too well you've got the heat PLUS the humidity. Not Fun. So you guys are having to sell your house after only one year too huh? Is Dan's job in Houston? That will be nice to be close to your family again. Have a good summer!

Ashley Clark said...

You're moving again? That does not sound fun! I will say, you are the "WOMAN." Another summer by yourself how are you doing it? Just an idea It might be to messy I don't know. But you guys could make some edible play dough. They can play and eat!

oragano said...

moving again??? what???

check out this blog... it has fun kiddy crafts

Kim said...

Hey Cathie--your kids are looking so big! I can't believe how much they have changed since you guys moved. This is an easy one that I read on someone else's blog, and Jaxson loved...color with crayons on sandpaper. He thought it was super cool. Also, here is a blog with some fun ideas...

I don't know who this girl is, I totally blog-stalked her from one of Mark's cousin's blogs, but she has some really fun crafts/kids ideas!!

Hillary said...

what you're moving!? What did I job or just a transfer? Your kids are getting so big! Good luck with everything

Leesee Girlyfield said...

Good luck with another big move. I honestly don't know how you do it having Dan away for so long. I miss you so much. Hope everything goes well for you.

Lyles Sisters said...

Hey, I've been watching your blog and finally have started on one. Hope things are going good in Houston, we miss ya! My blog address is
Holly Lyles