Sunday, June 15, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Finally Will is old enough to participate in a team sport! He wanted to play soccer this spring but didn't turn 4 early enough, so he was super excited when we found a t-ball league that he was old enough to play in. His first game was this past Saturday and it was hilarious. Will has a bit of an attention problem while playing in the outfield (dancing around, kicking up dirt, holding his glove over his face), but the second the ball is hit he hustles to get it even if he is the farthest player away. Most of the other kids just stand there and do nothing, but Will runs and dives for that ball. Cici loved cheering for her Will and wishes she could play too. At home she goes outside and practices with Will and Dan, and the day Will got his uniform she wore his batting helmet to bed (we have since had to hide it). Anyways, Will was a terrific hitter and played a great game. Go Will Go!!!

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Holly Marie said...

So, I didn't call you this week, but I will!!! we signed Carson up for baseball this yr. he wasn't such a big fan. He would have much rather been playing on the playground.