Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today the kids and I would like to pay tribute to and thank Dan for being such a great Dad!

From Will: "Thank you daddy. I like to play your chess game everyday. You really are handsome and thanks for helping me listen and obey. Hey daddy, I always like going to the Discovery Science Center with you! I like cooking breakfast on Saturday mornings with you for mommy. And daddy, I super duper love you! I am apoligizing for being naughty."

From Cici: "Daddy you are handsome! You help me listen and obey. I love how you help me play computer games like I love you all morning and all night."

From Weston: "Thanks for holding me and loving me even when I cry all the time. You try so hard to help my tummy feel better and I appreciate that. I love being up in the middle of the night with you. You are the best daddy!"

From Cathie: "Dan, I appreciate all you do for me and the kids. I love how much you love to play with the kids and all the time you spend teaching them to behave better. You are the best Dad a kid could ever want!" We would also like to wish Papagater and Bompa a Happy Father's Day. We love you!

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Kris and Q said...

Hi Cathie,

I am so happy to see your guys blog. I just joined blogging today so here is my sight I am glad that you guys are doing so great.