Sunday, December 21, 2008

Halloween and Thanksgiving 2008

For family memories sake I am blogging about and posting pictures of Halloween and Thanksgiving now, even though Christmas is only 3 days away. I am trying to play catch up on our meaningful moments together as a family and hopefully will be more timely with my posts in the future. Thank you for bearing with me (if anyone even reads this blog : )


Will and Cici really love this holiday and who can blame them - tons of candy, playing dress up, Grandma's stack of cool halloween stories to read every afternoon, making treats and food that represent scary and goulish things! In fact, the whole month of October William and I would have conversations that went like this. Will-"Mom my favorite holiday is Halloween." Me-"Well Halloween sure is fun." Will - "Yeah, its my favorite holiday. But my most favorite holiday is Christmas, (pause) and my favoritest favorite holiday is the one where we buy you presents." I am pretty sure he was refering to Mother's Day and how sweet is that! Anyways, Cicialy's costume was a no brainer: Cinderella, her favorite princess. It took us a lot longer to decide what Will would be. He was a super cute robot last year and we knew that it would be impossible to top that. Besides we were still living with my parents and working on closing on a house. We decided to pay homage to the city we now call home and have Will be an astronaut (Houston is home to one of NASA's space centers). I found his costume at Costco and was excited that I didn't have to sew or gather any more parts to complete the outfit (he already had black rubber boots he used as "moon boots" thanks to Uncle Dude and Cousin Riley). The kids had a blast trick or treating and got to go twice since the church trunk or treat was on a different night (we are just now seeing an end to all of the candy). For family home evening the week of Halloween we carved our pumpkin and decorated our traditional pumpking sugar cookies, which the children really enjoyed. Holidays, especially ones like Halloween, are so much more fun with little kids around!


We had Thanksgiving at my parent's house this year, which is only about 40 minutes from our house. I hadn't had my mom's super yummy Thanksgiving feast since Dan and I got married so it was definantly a treat! My brother Matt and his wife Miya were also there and the kids had a fun time playing Mario Kart and other games with them. We stayed a few days and just relaxed, it was great! What I love about Thanksgiving is taking time to reflect on the positive aspects of our lives and showing gratitude for those things. Will really got into that and would ask us every night at dinner for the week leading up to the holiday what we were thankful for. Each of us took turns and it was really exciting as parents to see same of the values and ideals you are trying to instill in your children come to fruition, even at such a young age. This year in particular I was extremely grateful for my parents and all they have done for my family, for the birth of our third child who always is grinning and making us smile in return, for the trials and miracles that have really made my family stronger, and hopefully next Thanksgiving I can say that I am grateful for a summer in which my husband and I did not have to separated!
Dan was letting Weston eat all sorts of treats (mashed potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie) even after my death stares, I mean seriously he was only 6 months old. What if he had food allergies.

Family Pictures

The day after Thanksgiving my dad and I took some photos of our family and the kids in their backyard for our Christmas cards. Even though they are by no means professional, I think we got a few cute shots.

(The above picture is to document how Weston acted the majority of the time while taking pictures. I was unable to get any single shots of Weston (6 months) and Will (4 yrs. old) because they refused to cooperate. Hence one of the reasons I haven't gotten professional family photos taken yet. I know I would spend the enormous sum of money it costs only to have my kids refuse to take pictures : )

This is my favorite shot of the day. At least Cicialy (3 yrs. old) would let me take a few good pictures of her.

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Cari said...

Of course we read your blog! Very cute pictures! Can't wait to hear about Christmas in May! Have a great holiday.